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Sales has changed. Information has changed. Buyers have a conceptualization of value before you meet and are already three-steps ahead of you. You have to be a savvy interpersonal seller.

-Joe Paranteau, Author

Top 10 Sales Tips: How to Improve Sales Performance and Drive Sales Results

Joe Paranteau is a practicing Sales Director for Microsoft, where he has held positions for over 17 years. A keynote speaker, coach, and sales thought leader, Joe has led nearly 30K sales meetings in his 30-year career with Fortune 500, SMBs, and startup businesses. Within five years, he sold more than $1B in revenue, which motivated him to share his insights in his first book, Billion Dollar Sales Secrets.

In his book, Joe shares fifteen sales tips to inspire people to meet today’s challenges. He wants to help people sell more effectively, ignite their dreams, and have future success. 

About Joe

Growing up, Joe was embarrassed by his thrift store clothing and the rusted family car. His family was poor, and as a child, he painted rocks to sell as paperweights to neighbors—his first sales gig at eight years old. Joe learned to hustle hard to get ahead in life, and it’s the backbone of his success today.

Key Points of This Discussion

·       Joe’s motivation behind his book Billion Dollar Sales Secrets

·       The challenges Joe is seeing in sales today

·       The #1 skill salespeople and leaders need to bring to the market

·       Mindset and resilience: Think big, execute small

·       The mental health toll of the pandemic

·       Scaling up your operations and sales teams.

·       Tools and technologies to assist salespeople

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