Unlock Explosive Sales Growth in Just 90 Days with SPARK: Your Path to Elite Sellers and Soaring Revenues!

Transform your sales team into elite sellers in just 90 days with SPARK. Experience rapid growth, soaring profits, and unmatched success as you harness tailored strategies, AI-driven leads, and collaborative teamwork. Say goodbye to doubt and disorganization. Enroll now and ignite your sales journey toward unprecedented results.

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But don't just take our word for it—listen to what fellow sales professionals are saying. Our course has earned rave reviews from experienced professionals who have witnessed remarkable transformations in their sales careers. Join the ranks of those who have elevated their revenue predictability, shattered self-doubt, and embraced a cutting-edge B2B Sales Execution Framework. Their success stories speak volumes about the impact our program can have on your sales journey. Get ready to embark on a transformational path and unlock your full sales potential with us.

Loralei S,


AI in Sales Gives Me New Tools

The 90 Day Sales Transformation was the most effective training I have ever received. It's unlike any other program on the market. I'm now equipped to lap my competitors with the skills I learned from Joe about exploiting AI in my sales game.

Jeron A.

Account Executive

Still using new sales skills 30 days later

Before starting The Spark course I was in sales for four years and through my career I have gained a lot of knowledge from books, courses, mentorship programs and real world experience. But this is the first time where I’ve been able to retain what I learned.

Marie Jones

Sr. Account Manager

It works!

I closed $1.2 million in revenue during my 90-day transformation, and I attribute a lot of that to the tools and strategies we shared through The Spark program.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in
SPARK: 90-day B2B Sales Transformation!

In the SPARK: 90-Day Sales Transformation course, you'll embark on a dynamic journey to elevate your sales game. Learn the art of crafting tailored sales messaging that resonates with your audience, harness the power of AI-driven lead generation for consistent growth, and unlock the secrets of building a collaborative and high-performing sales team. Bid farewell to self-doubt and disorganization as you discover the strategies that have generated billions in revenue for global enterprises and startups alike. With guidance from Joe Paranteau, an industry expert with three decades of experience, an MBA in Entrepreneurship, and a wealth of professional certifications, you'll gain the skills, insights, and elite certification you need to supercharge your sales success. Join us and be prepared to ignite your sales journey!

Transform Revenue from Erratic to Predictable

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of inconsistent sales. With our proven strategies, you'll learn how to turn unpredictable revenue into a steady and dependable stream. 

You'll master the art of strategic planning, goal setting, and lead generation, ensuring a reliable flow of revenue for your business.

Shift from Fear to Unshakable Confidence

Leave behind the fear of rejection and self-doubt that can hinder your sales success. Our course is designed to boost your confidence to new heights. You'll acquire the skills, mindset, and emotional intelligence needed to approach sales with unwavering self-assurance. Watch your sales professionals evolve into fearless, top-performing sellers.

Craft a Cutting-Edge B2B Sales Execution Framework

We don't just teach sales; we revolutionize it. Learn how to create a state-of-the-art B2B Sales Execution Framework that aligns your team, enhances transparency, and drives results. Our course equips you with the tools and strategies to optimize every stage of the sales process, setting the stage for unprecedented success in the B2B marketplace.

About the Creator

I'm Joe Paranteau, and I'm here to guide you on a transformational journey to supercharge your sales success. With over three decades of experience as an award-winning author, B2B sales strategist, and sought-after keynote speaker, I've generated billions in revenue for global enterprises, mid-sized companies, and startups. As a sales leader at Microsoft, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. My commitment to your success is unwavering, and I hold an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Business, a BA in Speech Communication, and 16 professional selling certifications. Having graduated from Harvard's Program on Negotiation, I understand the intricacies of the sales world. I currently call North Texas home, and I'm thrilled to embark on this journey with you. Let's transform your sales revenue together!


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