I'm Joe Paranteau: The Sales Expert You've Been Searching For

I help B2B sales teams and entrepreneurs ignite the spark of limitless revenue growth through sales transformation that inspires, engages, and delivers.

Driven by a passion to help others 'grow and be brilliant,' I empower B2B sales teams and entrepreneurs to shatter revenue ceilings and achieve unparalleled growth.

Joe Knows

How to Generate
Sales Revenue

šŸ’¾Tech Trailblazer:
  • Two Decades in Tech: Kicked off in Silicon Valley in 1997.
  • Big Names, Big Impact: Served at Microsoft, Oracle, and as a strategic partner with IBM.
  • Certified Expertise: Specializations in AI, data, enterprise integration, digital marketing, SEO, CRM, networking, and cybersecurity.
šŸ„Healthcare Advocate:
  • Influencer: Voting member of HL7 Committee, HIMSS, and CHIME.
  • Speaker & Consultant: Frequent speaker at health conferences and consultant to major U.S. healthcare providers.
šŸš€Aviation & Transportation:
  • Sky-High Credentials: Pilot and former USAF/USAFR member.
  • Industry Reach: Worked with leading airlines and transportation firms.
šŸ›”ļøDefense Authority:
  • Security-Cleared: Security clearance.
  • Industry Network: Collaborated with defense contractors  and the U.S. DoD.

Sales Certifications

1.Question Based Selling/ Advanced QBS Coaching
2. Holden Sales
3. Large Account Management Selling - Miller Heiman
4. Strategic Selling - Miller-Heiman
5. Dale Carnegie
6. Knowledge Advantage
7. SPIN Selling
8. Strategic Selling
9. Bosworth-Customer Centric Selling
10. Challenger Sales Method
11. Target Account Selling
12. Sandler Sales Method
14. Solution Selling
15. Conceptual Selling
16. Value Based Selling

Other Highlights

The Heart of My Work

At the heart of my work lies a strong set of core values that guide everything I do.  

These values have been honed through years of experience and have become an integral part of who I am as a person and a professional. 

By staying true to these principles, I am able to provide the highest level of service to my clients and help them achieve their goals. 


Being Purpose & Values Driven means uniting people through a shared, uplifting mission that goes beyond individual goals. This approach, which has guided me in the military, family life, and faith, is equally potent for businesses, teams, or any organization. It fosters a magnetic force that draws individuals together, creating a high-performance culture based on shared values and objectives. Whether in business or on the battlefield, Purpose & Values Driven leadership propels teams toward remarkable success.

Always Be Curious

I believe that curiosity is the foundation of growth and progress. By being curious, we are able to constantly challenge our assumptions and explore new ideas.

Success Favors the Prepared

I strongly believe that with careful planning and consistent effort, anyone can achieve their goals. This value has been the driving force behind my success, and it' one that I bring to every aspect of my work.

The Art and Science of Selling 

Interesting Facts About Me...

Unlocking Your Potential:
"With over 35,000 sales meetings and billions in revenue under my belt, my mission goes beyond numbers. I'm driven by a passion to help individuals and businesses soar to unprecedented heights of success."

Your Ambidextrous Sales Coach:
"Whether it's through coaching, writing, speaking, or training, I deploy my talents to ignite your sales potential. My award-winning book, 'Billion Dollar Sales Secrets,' serves as your go-to guide for building game-changing sales habits.

Credentials That Speak Volumes:
"Boasting sixteen sales certifications, billions in sales, numerous awards, and a legion of satisfied customers, I've fine-tuned a sales approach that's proven to help you accelerate growth.

Life Experiences:
"My journey is not just about sales. As a member of a Native American tribe and a military veteran, I've navigated life's hurdles to seize new opportunities. These experiences enrich my business insights, making my guidance uniquely invaluable."

Been there and Carried the Bag:
"Whether you're a sales rookie or a seasoned pro, I've got insights that will revolutionize your approach. From achieving predictable results to nurturing lifelong customers, let me help you grow."

More than Meets the Eye:
"Peek behind the curtain: I've been a collegiate downhill ski racer, lived in Germany, served as a firefighter/paramedic, earned my pilot's wings, own a rambunctious husky dog, and even worked at Sea World growing up!"

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