Reach Or Miss Podcast-How to Have a Sales Mindset

Joe Paranteau
March 22, 2021

If you want to tune your sales mindset, meet Joe Paranteau. Joe is a leading expert on sales. In just a few years, he sold over $1 billion, a rare feat. He has led nearly 35K sales meetings in his 30-year career with Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, and startup businesses.

In his first book, Billion Dollar Sales Secrets, he shares fifteen secrets to help salespeople meet today’s challenges and ignite their dreams and success.

What Drives Joe

  • My book is coming out. That has been three years in the making.
  • I’ve also completed my MBA. I went back to school during this time, something that I wanted to do, and I’m so happy that I did.
  • I’m most passionate about helping everyone increase their sales IQ and really execute so that they can provide the things they need for their families and their companies.
  • Our company motto is to help people and businesses throughout the world achieve their full potential. It says nothing about technology but that’s what I love to do: help people.

Joe’s Career and Sales Mindset in Action

  • I’m the first generation in my family to grow up off the Indian reservation. So, I’m a member of a tribe.
  • I was the first one to grow up in suburbia. I have these two worlds that I grew up in. I grew up poor and didn’t have a lot.
  • To help the family, my brother, sister, and I would paint rocks and go door to door to sell them. So, I guess my career really started when I was eight years old.
  • I served in the military as a way to do something to better my life.
  • I went to college, graduated, and then I had an opportunity to get into sales. I thought I wanted to go into politics. That was my thinking at the time. Then I met someone who said, “Joe, you have a technical background and a background in communication. Very interesting. Why don’t you want to go into sales?”
  • She explained to me what I just shared with you earlier: That selling is all about helping people get what they want or need. If you can look yourself in the mirror every day and say to yourself, “Today, I helped somebody,” then you’re doing all right.
  • The company that I worked for was a technology company that was a Microsoft partner, 28 years ago. So, I started there and worked through a series of startups. Some of them were super successful, some of them were not. Many of them got merged and acquired by other companies, but my path at Microsoft has been interesting.
  • I’ve been here 16 years, and this is the sixth role and fourth startup that I’ve been in inside the company. I’ve helped start different businesses inside the company. The basis for my book was a startup in our health industry team that I was able to help grow to a billion dollars in five years.

Best Advice for Entrepreneurs

  • A pretty good one is to focus. Be comfortable and openly search for ways to fail. Don’t be afraid of failure. I’ve come to a place in my sales and business career where I don’t see obstacles. I don’t see a sale that could be unwinnable.
  • Be open to shifting and being honest with yourself. The only thing that’s going against us is time. If we can change the way we approach things, that’s really what has to change. If we learn something new, we can approach the situation differently. Then we’re one step closer.

The Biggest, Most Critical Failure with Customers

  • The biggest failure that I’ve had in sales is not listening well and not aligning myself with what the customer wanted. When I’ve looked at it from a selfish ambition standpoint, that’s a surefire way to fail.
  • I had a customer with a very specific set of criteria. At first, it sounded like I knew exactly what they needed, so I rushed that. I went directly into, “Okay, this will be easy to sell.” I missed the mark completely. The customer felt awkward. They told me, “We like you as a person, Joe, but we’re going to go with this other company because they met our needs more completely.” It was a tough loss.

Biggest Success with Customers

  • One of the companies that I got to work with was American Airlines. At the time, they were starting to develop a .com, which is their flagship. They saw potential in it, but it hadn’t been that strong of a revenue generator. They wanted to put a lot of effort and energy into making it exceptional.
  • It was the same sort of story as before. They approached us and said, “Hey, we really like this part of what you can offer to help us on creative design and information architecture.” So, as a salesperson, I said, “Okay, what are you comfortable with at this time?” They said, “We’re really comfortable with March 1.”
  • They also said, “We’d like you to do the creative design and work with March 1 to make it happen.” So, I went back and talked to all of our partners. We invited our competitor to collaborate with us on the deal. We agreed to go forward as competitors, teaming together on this one project. And we won the business. Everyone won. American Airlines won.

Joe’s Recommendation for Sales Tools

  • OneNote
  • A note-taking application.
  • I take all my notes in OneNote. I recently got a Rocketbook. They have a special pen. You can write on them and then you can take a picture. It will scan and go up into the cloud, into your OneNote.
  • It helps me remember things I’ve committed to.
  • I put my goals, objectives, and dreams in there. In a lot of the books that I wrote, I framed my thoughts there.

Joe’s One Key Success Factor

  • That’s easy: I never give up.
  • One thing that’s somewhat motivating for me is when people bet against me or doubt that I can do something. That gives me an extra source of motivation.

Joe’s Mountain

Since we believe that the best way for entrepreneurs to get fast, big, and sustainable success….

Read more about Joe’s mountain at Ep. 207 – Joe Paranteau | REACH OR MISS

Joe Paranteau: B2B Sales Transformation Expert

Joe Paranteau

Joe Paranteau is a B2B sales powerhouse with an award-winning track record. He's spent decades in the tech world, driving major growth for giants like Microsoft and Oracle. But Joe's not just about theory – his strategies are battle-tested and supported by science. He's on a mission to help B2B sales teams crush their goals. Expect engaging content, inspiring keynotes, and the kind of hands-on coaching that fuels results. Ready to level up your sales game? Joe's your guy.


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