How To Be Great At Sales Without Seeming Salesy

Joe Paranteau
March 10, 2021

Author: Tyler Gallagher – Authority Magazine

A part of my series about how to be great at closing sales without seeming pushy, obnoxious, or salesy, I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe Paranteau.

Joe Paranteau is a leading expert on sales, generating more than $1B in a few years, an uncommon accomplishment. He has led nearly 30K sales meetings in his 30-year career with Fortune 500, SMBs, and startup businesses. In his first book, Billion Dollar Sales Secrets, he shares fifteen secrets to help inspire salespeople to rise to meet today’s challenges and ignite their dreams and success. Connect with him on LinkedIn @thejpar.

Thank you for doing this with us! Before we dig in, our readers would like to learn a bit more about you. Can you tell us the “backstory” about what brought you to this career path?

I’ve been selling since I was a kid. I discovered early on that it was a great way to make money. In college, I worked for a stock brokerage, cold calling, and at a phone bank, calling for charities to earn money.

After college, I thought I wanted to go into public relations.

Instead, I found on accident that my background in both communication and technology was in demand — primarily in sales positions.

But, like many people, I didn’t have a positive impression of salespeople. Luckily, I changed my view and discovered that I loved selling and connecting with people. At this point, I’ve spent my career doing what I absolutely love. My new book, Billion Dollar Sales Secrets, is, in some ways, a love story — it’s about my love of selling and my desire to share it with others.

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Joe Paranteau, a sales expert, talks about how to do well in sales without coming off as pushy or fake.

Building relationships and focusing on customer needs is key to successful sales.

Salespeople can better understand and meet customer needs when they listen actively and ask thoughtful questions.

Salespeople should focus on providing value and solving problems for their customers rather than just trying to make a sale.

Authenticity is important in sales. Salespeople should be genuine and honest in their interactions with customers.

Good communication skills and adaptability are essential for sales success.

Salespeople should also be persistent, focused on their goals, and willing to put in the work needed to succeed.

If salespeople follow these rules, they can build long-lasting relationships with customers and be successful without being pushy or salesy.

Key Takeaway: To be successful in sales, focus on building relationships, understanding customer needs, providing value, being authentic, and using good communication skills. Persistence, goal-setting, and hard work are key factors in sales success.

Joe Paranteau: B2B Sales Transformation Expert

Joe Paranteau

Joe Paranteau is a B2B sales powerhouse with an award-winning track record. He's spent decades in the tech world, driving major growth for giants like Microsoft and Oracle. But Joe's not just about theory – his strategies are battle-tested and supported by science. He's on a mission to help B2B sales teams crush their goals. Expect engaging content, inspiring keynotes, and the kind of hands-on coaching that fuels results. Ready to level up your sales game? Joe's your guy.


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